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My name is Leah Argyropoulou!

My life, as I usually say, was never a routine. Ever since I was a kid I lived in many different cities in Greece and abroad, I met many different people, I made friends…some of them I still have, some I’ve lost, some I have encountered again…

I raised three children and witnessed their first steps, their baptism, organized their birthday parties, lived and relived their first day at school, their graduation, their success in entering a university, their first love…and there’s more to come…

We lived through vacations, excursions, celebrations and we shared priceless family treasures. I always tried to organize the incredible array of pictures from all these life stories. I liked looking at them whenever the occasion arose. This hobby became a passion and the passion became persistence. My own pictures were not enough…I had to dig into the photos of family or friends asking them to recount their stories and then I would create their fotobooks! I loved seeing their happy smiles as they saw the final result and the look of fond remembrances as it got lost in memories past. In this way, I had the chance to meet more people, to learn new things from their stories which always fascinated me.

 And so I continue…



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