Computers, e-mails, facebook and all social media flood us with information and images, photos of this and that, of friends, of strangers, of things, animals, people or situations. Some of these we like and share, store, copy, paste, file and so on. Most times we forget about them and they get lost into the «outer space» of drives, disks, servers etc.
We think it’s time to save the best, the most dear, beautiful, funny and important of our fotos along with our thoughts about them. Save them in modern, old fashioned, black and white….photobooks, beautifully scrapbooked and embellished to your liking! Trust us with your digital photos and let us print them and have them handy right there on the coffee table!

 Or … store them again into «outer space», but organized in a meaningful way!

Your «remembrances» (thimises) will then be always available to you, your family and your friends!

ΛΕΥΚΩΜΑ 3 - Page 038


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